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May 1, 2012

Changes are good, right?  Hope so, ’cause we’ve got a few going on.

You may have noticed a new website.  We had to change providers because our old one stopped making websites.  We were very sad, but after creating a new one, well, I like this one even better than before.  So that’s a really good change.  Be sure to check it out here:  Website

Our new website provider allows us to create a mobile site!  This is so EXCITING, especially if you have an iPhone or any other phone that doesn’t allow Flash.  Without the mobile site, you wouldn’t be able to pull up our website.  Now you have something even better and it has so many little “buttons” to find us with Facebook, WordPress, E-mail, Maps – all kinds of things just at the touch of a button.  Fabulous change!

With a new website, we had to change our e-mail address – just a little.  To send me an e-mail you have to add “www” to the address line.  It is now –  This little change may cause a BIG problem until we get the word out, but still hoping that change is good.

So, I hope you all enjoy our new changes and that you have a wonderful week!



“Change in all things is sweet” –Aristotle



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