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Bridal Gown Shopping…how many dresses should you try on?

January 23, 2011

Brides are always concerned with the number of dresses they need to try on before picking “the one”.  When we have a bride fall in love with the first dress I know it’s going to be a big dilemma for them.  Should you go to your next two bridal appointments and make sure you’re not missing the perfect gown or do you pick one of the first ones that fits so well, looks amazing and makes you feel like a beautiful bride?  Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer.  If trying on a few more gowns will help you determine if your choice is right, then do that, but don’t try on 40 more gowns and confuse yourself even more.

I did hear an interesting statistic the other day, that 75% of brides choose the very first gown that they try on.  Since I own a bridal consignment boutique, I see my share of brides who purchase one, two and even three gowns before their big day.  I think the biggest mistake that is made is continuing to look at gowns once you’ve make your purchase.  Once you find that dress and it is amazing enough to purchase, move on to all the other details of the wedding and enjoy knowing that you have the perfect dress.

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